Public Awareness, Education and Community Participation

Saturday, Mar 30, 2013
Public Awareness, Education and Community Participation
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جا خمسة قرون فحسب، بل أيضا قفزة في التنضيد الالكتروني،

To create public awareness amongst a community is a key factor for establishing supportive communities. To open people’s eyes towards a problem is one important factor – more important, however, is the development of understandable and transparent solutions that could be shared and supported by the community.

Many political decisions during the recent past have been questioned by concerned communities because they did not feel being comprehensively informed about the necessity of public measures and, hence, have opposed implementation or operation. The importance of communication and education is often underestimated by decision making parties.
On the other hand side, there have been many excellent cases where the community has been involved in decision making with the result of a positive perception and supportive participation of communities. Starting from today our new section “Theme of the Month” will inform you about some of these good practices in the field of public awareness, education and community participation. SWEEP-Net members from different fields present their approaches, expertise and experiences. We would welcome your contribution with own experiences, good practices or even your suggestions and recommendations to the presented cases.

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