Agence National de Gestion des déchets

The National Waste Management Agency, ANGED, is a non-administrative public organization created by decree n°. 2005-2317 of August 22th 2005. ANGed has corporate civil personality and financial autonomy, under the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment.

 The main missions of ANGed are to participate in the development of national programs of waste management and to help and assist municipalities and industries in the area of sustainable waste management. ANGed is also committed to promote partnerships between all stakeholders, particularly between localcommunities, industry and the private sector and contribute to the consolidation of national expertise in the field of waste management;

Support to SWEEP-Net: ANGed is hosting the SWEEP-Nets secretariat since the end of 2009. Coordination with ANGed, as a host and supporting partner, is effective mainly through direct contact with the General Director or the department of international cooperation.  The current General Director is Yassine Bousselmi.