En 2014, SWEEP-Net a lancé une analyse sectorielle en coopération avec le Centre de Marseille
En 2014, SWEEP-Net a lancé en coopération avec le Centre de Marseille pour l’Intégration en

In 2014, SWEEP-Net launched in cooperation with CMI (The Center for Mediterranean Integration) a

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SWEEP-Net offers a great variety of resources to assist national decision makers to enchor good principles of sustainable waste management in the MENA-Region. In all countries, SWEEP-Net has a National Coordinator as a contact person for all other governmental entities as well as it offers country profiles to gather information efficiently. With our documents and guidelines in the knowledge base, especially the annual country reports and our events, above all the Regional Fora, SWEEP-Net offers a great variety of resources to assist national decision makers. For further information please contact Anis Ismail.

SWEEP-Net has an approach that is in many cases based on local solutions to problems in waste management. Therefore, SWEEP-Net has various activities to strengthen local capacities such as the PCGD pilot project, E-Learning for local authorities and a project for the structural integration of the informal sector in municipal waste management. Furthermore, it offers access to our knowledge base for documents as well as our expert database. SWEEP-Net is also the regional partner for IPLA, a global network to empower local administrations. Finally, we cooperate with national networks such as WAMA-Net. The aim of SWEEP-Net in all these activities and cooperation is the enhancement of local governance. For more information and assistance please contact Nora Ben-Ameur.

Concerning the private sector for waste management, SWEEP-Net announces relevant upcoming events in the event calendar as well as other interesting news and articles. Furthermore, our Regional Fora are open to participate and meet public decision makers from national and local levels as well as other experts from the MENA-Region and beyond. For more information and contacts please contact our Julia Koerner.

The success of a sustainable waste management is fundamentally reliant on motivated and engaged NGO’s and the civil societies from all across the MENA-Region. Therefore, SWEEP-Net offers NGO’s and other projects from the civil society to present themselves as part of the Monthly Theme or another article to a broader public. We offer access to our knowledge base, to profit from reports as well as to get in touch with experts from the region. Another possibility to present themselves offers the annual Regional Fora. For some good examples of motivated and successful NGO's and projects watch the latest SWEEP-Net Image Film. For further information and promotion for your organization or projects please contact Wassim Chaabane.

For researchers SWEEP-Net has a great variety of official publications, reports and presentations as well as facts and figures on waste management in the MENA-Region. There is a call for abstracts offering the possibility to present own research at a Regional Forum and SWEEP-Net also offers the possibility to publish own research papers on the website. SWEEP-Net is always looking for contributors for its Monthly Theme collection of articles to give insight in innovations to a broader public. For more information and contacts please get in touch with Wassim Chaabane.

SWEEP-Net can establish contacts to representatives and stake holder from all across the MENA-Region. As a source of information, SWEEP-Net offers additionally various documents and publications, as well as videos on our website and the SWEEP-Net YouTube Channel. For further information and references please contact Escander Nagazi

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