Regional Working Group: Public-Private Cooperation for SWM

Regional Working Group: Public-Private Cooperation for SWM
Thursday, March 1, 2012

Public-Private partnerships and cooperation are key strategic directions that have proven to improve the quality of service provision while strongly contributing in economic development. Some SWEEP-Net partner countries have engaged the private sector, to varying degrees, in their solid waste management practices such as waste collection, disposal or treatment (sorting, composting, recycling). However, this partnership remains mostly limited to service provision and is not based on clear strategies or frameworks. Based on a needs assessment, SWEEP-Net has launched in 2011 a regional working group to discuss Public-Private cooperation (PPC) measures in SWM among the network’s partner countries. The working group includes a representative from each member country, carefully selected based on experience and role. The objective of this working group is to share experiences from each country with respect to PPC measures and to discuss the best ways for improvement at the regional and local levels.

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