The Planning Framework

The Planning Framework
Tuesday, January 6, 2004
Training Material

This  training  module  provides  a  more  detailed  guidance  to  establishing  the  planning framework  for  the  strategic  planning  process.  The  work  has  been  broken  down  into three key steps:
1.    Mobilising the planning process;
2.    Defining the baseline; and
3.    Establishing the planning framework.
Step 1 (Mobilising the planning process) gives guidance on how to get started. After completing  the  foundation  for  the  Strategic  MSWM  plan  in  Step  1  work  on  the substance of the plan can begin.  
The  purpose  of  Step  2  (Defining  the  baseline)  is  to  help  characterise  the  present situation  in  the  city,  and  also  to  use  this  knowledge  in  predicting  the  future requirements of the MSWM system.
Step 2 thus defines the issues to be addressed in establishing the planning framework (Step  3),  which  provides  the  overall  principles  on  which  the  Strategic  Plan  will  be developed.  
According to the methodology of the strategic planning guide, stakeholder discussions should  be  initiated  in  an  Inception  Workshop.  Such  a  workshop  is  critical  to  the success of the strategic planning process, as it is here where the vision, status, scope, objectives and targets guiding the entire planning process are determined.  The  final  outcome  of  these  3  steps  should  be  a  clearly  defined  planning  framework, agreed by all key stakeholders.

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