Module 4-8: Contract Monitoring

Module 4-8: Contract Monitoring
Thursday, July 20, 2006
Training Material
These Training Tools are part of the Training Manual for ISWM: Private Sector Participation for Waste Management Services
This Training Manual has been prepared in support of capacity development of waste management service delivery through Private Sector Participation (PSP).
The Training Manual contains 4 courses:
1. Private Sector Participation - General Approach and Framework Requirements (one module)
2. Private Sector Participation - Choice of the appropriate contract model (four modules)
3. Private Sector Participation - Contract preparation and procurement (three modules)
4. Private Sector Participation - Contract monitoring (one module)
This particular module 4-4 “Contract Monitoring” addresses the need to specify the requirements of contract monitoring in contract clauses (e.g. Level of Services, Performance Indicators, and obligations of both contract parties) and, the required effort to execute the Contract Monitoring.
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