Module 2-5: Landfill Operation and Closure

Module 2-5: Landfill Operation and Closure
Tuesday, January 6, 2004
Training Material

List of Slides:
Slide 1       Title slide
Slide 2       Open Dumps and its Problems
Slide 3       From Open Dump to Sanitary Landfill
Slide 4       Landfill Management Requirements
Slide 5       Sanitary Landfill Operation
Slide 6       Waste Reception
Slide 7       Waste Reception
Slide 8       Sufficient Qualified Equipment
Slide 9       Mechanical Landfill Equipment
Slide 10     Mechanical Landfill Equipment  
Slide 11     Waste Pre-treatment
Slide 12     Waste Deposition
Slide 13     Waste Deposition
Slide 14     Waste Deposition
Slide 15     Waste Deposition
Slide 16     Control of Emissions: Leachate and Surface Water
Slide 17     Control of Emissions: Schema of Leachate Treatment
Slide 18     Leachate Treatment Methods  
Slide 19     Leachate Treatment Methods  
Slide 20     Leachate Treatment Methods  
Slide 21     Control of Emissions: Biogas
Slide 22     Control of Emissions: Biogas  
Slide 23     Control of Emissions: Biogas  
Slide 24     Control of Emissions: Biogas  
Slide 25     Provisions for Scavenging
Slide 26     General Site Maintenance, Control and Monitoring
Slide 27     Landfill Closure and After use  (Political and administrative aspects)
Slide 28     Landfill Closure and Restoration (Technical Aspects)
Slide 29     Landfill Aftercare
Slide 30     Restored landfill with aftercare, monitoring and control systems installed

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