Module 2-3: Recycling

Module 2-3: Recycling
Tuesday, January 6, 2004
Training Material

List of Slides:
Slide 1          Title slide
Slide 2          Recycling Process
Slide 3          How does Recycling Work?
Slide 4          Recycling Loop Process
Slide 5          Advantages of Recycling
Slide 6          Benefits of Recycling  
Slide 7          Recycling in the METAP Region
Slide 8          Informal Recycling Systems
Slide 9          Informal Recycling Systems  
Slide 10        Advantages of Source Separation
Slide 11        Collection of source separated Recyclables
Slide 12        Source Separation with Curbside Collection
Slide 13        Source separation with Drop off Containers
Slide 14        Source separation with Drop off Centres
Slide 15        Source separation with Drop off Centres  
Slide 16        Recovery of Recyclables from the Waste Stream
Slide 17        Material Recovery at Landfill
Slide 18        Material Recovery at Landfill
Slide 19        Material Recovery Facility
Slide 20        Material Recovery Facility  
Slide 21        Material Recovery Facility
Slide 22        Recycling Flow System
Slide 23        Questions About the Technology
Slide 24        General Requirements of a Facility
Slide 25        Design of a Recycling Facility
Slide 26        Equipment Considerations
Slide 27        Operational Considerations
Slide 28        Recyclable Materials
Slide 29        Key Message: Source segregation brings clean material, better chances
on the market and better prices.

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