Module 2-2: Composting

Module 2-2: Composting
Tuesday, January 6, 2004
Training Material

List of Slides:
Slide 1       Title slide
Slide 2       What is Composting
Slide 3       Benefits and Advantages of Composting
Slide 4       Composting Methods
Slide 5       Questions About the Technology
Slide 6       Technologies
Slide 7       Residential Composting
Slide 8       Open Air Windrow Composting
Slide 9       Windrow Composting with Mechanic Pile Turning
Slide 10     Aerated Windrow Composting
Slide 11     Schema of Enclosed Composting
Slide 12     Enclosed Composting with Large Drums
Slide 13     Enclosed Composting with Small Drums
Slide 14     Enclosed Tunnel Composting
Slide 15     Planning and Design Precautions
Slide 16     Operating Requirements
Slide 17     Quality Requirements
Slide 18     Factors Affecting the Composting Process
Slide 19     Compost Quality Parameters
Slide 20     Proposed Heavy Metal Standards
Slide 21     Carbon to Nitrogen Ratio
Slide 22     Particle Size and Surface Area
Slide 23     Aeration
Slide 24     Bio filter for Odour and Dust Control
Slide 25     Moisture Content
Slide 26     Temperature
Slide 27     Curing and Final Conditioning
Slide 28     Failed Composting in Bangkok
Slide 29     Quality Compost in Lebanon
Slide 30     Key Message: Try to produce high quality and marketable compost !

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