Module 2-1: Waste Minimization

Module 2-1: Waste Minimization
Tuesday, January 6, 2004
Training Material

List of Slides:
Slide 1   Title slide
Slide 2   Waste Minimisation Approach  
Slide 3   Content of the Minimization Module  
Slide 4   Advantages of Minimization
Slide 5   Responsibility for waste generation  
Slide 6   Responsibility for waste generation  
Slide 7   Closed-Cycle Management of Substances
Slide 8   Potential of Waste Minimisation
Slide 9   Low-Waste Product Design
Slide 10 Optimize And-of-life of the Product
Slide 11 Environmental Criteria to Consider in Designing Products
Slide 12 Source reduction  
Slide 13 Source Reduction benefits  
Slide 14 Source Reduction by Reuse
Slide 15 Source Reduction by Composting
Slide 16 Source Reduction by Avoidance  
Slide 17 Acquisition of Low-waste Products  
Slide 18 Implementation of User-pay Strategies
Slide 19 Pay-as-You-Throw (Payt) System
Slide 20 Benefits and Disadvantages of Payt
Slide 21 Public Awareness Campaigns
Slide 22 Key Initiatives to Achieve the Objective
Slide 23 Personal Initiatives
Slide 24 Avoid – Reuse – Recycle – Dispose

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