Module 1-7: Implementing Strategic Action Plans

Module 1-7: Implementing Strategic Action Plans
Tuesday, January 6, 2004
Training Material

This module will address issues of concern when implementing strategic action plans. The module will begin with actions that should be taken to establish continuity between the process of developing and implementing the Strategy and Action Plan and will then address:   

(i)    building    institutional,    stakeholder    and    community    support    for
implementation  of  the  strategy; 

(ii)  legal/institutional  measures  that  may  be  pre-
requisites to strategy implementation;

(iii)  implementing the immediate action plan;

(iv)  building capacity; and

(v) monitoring progress in terms of ISWM system performance
and cost.   
Reference should also be made to training manuals on Finance and Cost Recovery,
PSP and ISWM Project Design/Management.

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