Module 1-6 - Working With Stakeholders/ Participatory Planning

Module 1-6 - Working With Stakeholders/ Participatory Planning
Tuesday, January 6, 2004
Training Material

Much emphasis  has been  placed  in  the  previous  Modules  on  participation  of stakeholders. This  Module  pulls  together  and  amplifies  this  issue,  presenting  a dedicated  synopsis  of  how  to  work  with  stakeholders  and  conduct  a  participatory planning process. The objectives are for participants to be able to:
•      Identify stakeholders to be involved in an ISWM planning initiative
•      Effectively  integrate  &  value  the  perspectives  of  the  range  of  stakeholders  in undertaking an ISWM planning initiative  
•      Manage an effective ‘participatory planning’ process. As notes on this issue have been provided within previous modules, the notes for this Module are limited to areas where points are being amplified.  The slides themselves
        are also fairly self-explanatory.

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