Module 1-5: Siting of ISWM Facilities

Module 1-5: Siting of ISWM Facilities
Tuesday, January 6, 2004
Training Material

This Module looks at issues and methodologies surrounding the identification of sites for ISWM facilities. Finding and obtaining consensus on appropriate landfill sites can take lengthy periods of time, and is often politically challenging. Actions for site selection should therefore be initiated at as early a time as possible. Difficulty  in  siting  ISWM  facilities  is  one  the  most  significant  reason  for  a  lack  of progress in implementing ISWM programmes and projects.
This  situation  has  been  characterised  as  the  ‘NIMBY  syndrome’.  The  NIMBY syndrome  (not  in  my  back  yard)  is  the  problem  of  siting  landfills  and  other  waste handling  facilities  such as  incinerators,  waste  transfer  stations,  composting  yards,  or recycling  facilities  due  to  public  opposition  stemming  from  real  and  perceived  health risks.

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