Module 1-4: Strategic Plans and Action Plans

Module 1-4: Strategic Plans and Action Plans
Tuesday, January 6, 2004
Training Material

This  module  will  build  from  the  previous  module  by  providing  participants  with guidance on how desirable ISWM system components can best be assembled into a Strategy,  and  how  the Strategy  can  then  be  operationalised  through an  Action  Plan. The  distinction  between,  and  application  of,  the  two  parts  of  the  Strategic  Plan  are clarified and steps for building both are presented.   
List of slides
Slide 1   Title slide
Slide 2   Conceptual separation of strategy and action plan
Slide 3   Why?  
Slide 4   The strategy: specialist workgroups  
Slide 5   Preparing the draft strategy  
Slide 6   Strategy workshop  
Slide 7   Action plan: detailed evaluation of options  
Slide 8   Potential areas for options evaulation  
Slide 9   Finalising the strategic MSWM plan  
Slide 10 Preparing an immediate action plan
Slide 11 Preparing an investment plan .

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