Module 1-3: Identifying and Evaluating Options

Module 1-3: Identifying and Evaluating Options
Tuesday, January 6, 2004
Training Material

The previous training modules have concentrated on issues of principle, and on how to initiate a strategic planning process.  With the successful completion of these steps in the process, the focus will now be on identifying and evaluating the practical options available for improving your MSWM system. There is no one correct option to follow, different municipalities, regions and countries exhibit a wide variety of MSWM systems and approaches.  The objective at this stage
in the planning process is to determine which of these options are most appropriate to the local needs. Different  stakeholders  will  have  their  different  opinions  on  what  constitutes  an integrated and sustainable waste management option.  It is therefore important at this stage to place as many options as possible on the table, and to discuss and evaluate them in a comprehensive manner. The outcome may not be what you expect it to be, and it is important to start with an open mind.

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