Module 1-1: Overview of SWM Planning

Module 1-1: Overview of SWM Planning
Wednesday, February 5, 2014
Training Material
This document constitutes the firstof 6 Training Manuals - it contains 7 Training Modules on ISWM Planning. TheTraining Manuals have been prepared by the International Consultant in support ofthe METAP Regional Solid WasteManagement Project. They have been developed through the preparation of trainingmodules that address therequirementidentified in the Terms of Reference for "Regional Training 
Modules for ISWM Capacity Development". The general approach taken,together with the format and scope of the individual training manuals and modules, have been set 
out in a concept note prepared by the International Consultant and agreed by the World Bank. The following sub-sections identify the overall background, justification and objectives  of the Training Manuals.Chapter 2 addresses each of the7 Training Modules thatare developed as well as power point presentations including notes for the trainers. 


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