Country Report: Yemen (2011)

Country Report: Yemen (2011)
Thursday, July 1, 2010
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Yemen’s population in 2009 is 23 million, 30% of them live in urban areas. The MSW generation was about 3.6 million tons in the year 2009. Only 38% of generated waste is officially collected and only about 22% of the collected wastes are landfill disposed of in 21 controlled or semi-controlled sites. For many years, millions of tons remain uncollected within neighborhoods or around the villages. This waste requires removal to landfill sites. In areas serviced, the coverage of SWM services varies from 90% to less than 20%. Recycling activity is undertaken in some cities, but concerns presently no more than 6% of the generated municipal waste. There is no composting activity. Hazardous and special wastes are collected and disposed of with non-hazardous municipal wastes. Yemen has adopted a National Strategy for SWM

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