Country Report: Jordan (2012)

Country Report: Jordan (2012)
Tuesday, May 1, 2012
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The total daily amount of municipal solid waste disposed at the Jordanian landfills in 2011 was found to be 5850 tons /day. All municipalities are operating without full cost recovery. In Amman the cost recovery reached 63% in 2009, while other municipalities are operating with less than 50% cost recovery. The difference is usually subsidized from municipal budgets.The role of the private sector in the SWM in Jordan is limited. Except for some pilot projects, and the BOOT contract for medical waste facility, the only city where the private sector is involved in the and transport of solid waste is Aqaba. In addition, private consultancy and contracting firms are currently involved in the development works that are taking place in SWM in GAM under the World Bank Project. This suggests that there is a need to develop plans to create incentives for private sector to take role in SWM.

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